Organisational Change & Design 

No organisation has a right to exist.


Implementing change is fundamental to the chances for organisations and businesses to prosper. But the process of making change is frequently not straightforward, often difficult and stretching - one where help and support can make the difference.  Organisations’ ability to change, to meet new realities, is central to whether they can survive in these turbulent times.


It is ever more likely that change will be a constant theme, where the wishes of some staff for consolidation have to be balanced against the drivers of change - both inside and outside the organisation. The scale of change may be radical or, more usually, it may be incremental. Staff engagement is always worthwhile, securing the aim of building staff ownership and trust, able to draw on the intrapreneurial talent within the organisation.


Consultancy interventions help with:

  • Creating an evidence based appreciation of what can be achieved and sustained, over which period of time, and where leadership interventions need to be concentrated
  • Formulating a robust business case for change and restructuring
  • Taking new ideas of products and services from conception to fruition
  • Ensuring an effective change process, using a wide range of tools and techniques
  • Linking change with training and development to coach and support the practical engagement of change champions, break down silos, and enable creativity and engagement with innovation
  • Gaining an objective understanding of how the culture has changed
  • Delivering mergers and partnership working
  • Aligning working methods, structures and the mission and vision for the organisation, and embedding new ways of working and leadership behaviours
  • Building confidence in the Board and senior managers' ability to invest in those areas where change can have the greatest impact
  • Developing an agile workforce with the tools and methods to work flexibly
  • Meeting continuing strategic and practical challenges through review workshops, coaching and team development.

HBMC brings significant experience in co-producing successful change programmes, supporting leaders and organisations through these processes.  HBMC understands how important it is to reflect organisational values, not only at the end of the process but equally while change is effected.


HBMC’s strength in organisational change and design lies in:

  • Facilitation that makes complex issues easier to address
  • Objective analysis of starting points
  • Good track record in delivering organisational change, design and development assignments
  • Skill in tailoring organisational services, practices and structures to meet your aspirations
  • Expertise as practitioners skilled in staff consultation and survey methods
  • Grasp of challenges in strategy implementation

 A number of HBMC's organisational change and design assignments are carried out under the umbrella of HBRL Consulting. HBRL has published work on a range of organisational development themes, including rightsizing, turnarounds and delivering efficiency gains.

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Supporting the merger of PAC and AAY to form PAC-UK is one example of how HBMC works  >>

Working with the National Union of Students (NUS) to develop a generic competency framework is a further example of the consultancy in operation   >>