About us


HBMC is a specialist consultancy that supports leadership to:

  • develop strategy to deliver results

  • secure performance improvements

  • enhance personal skills and strengths

  • extend organisational capabilities

  • assure governance adds value

  • focus on outcomes and impact

  • achieve long term sustainability.

Our clients are frequently motivated by a desire to grow, reorient their activities, or make other significant change. They share a recognition that objective insightful advice, based on up to date research and evidence, is critical in achieving positive outcomes and securing future success. We are a flexible, adaptive consultancy able to provide this essential service.

Established in 1991 by Hilary Barnard, HBMC has worked with an extremely broad cross-section of clients in the corporate, professional, public service and charity, museum and heritage sectors, and agencies and partnerships working across sectors. A number of HBMC's assignments are carried out with Ruth Lesirge under the umbrella of HBRL Consulting.

This website offers you:

  • A spotlight on our strategy and leadership development activities

  • Insight into our work on organisational change and design

  • An indication of our governance offer

  • Evidence of our competence to undertake important research and evaluation assignments

  • An overview of the services we can provide to you

  • An introduction to the talent that is the HBMC team

  • Case studies underlining the knowledge, skills and our "can-do" attitude 

  • The ethical standards and values that drive us

  • The track record on which our reputation is based.

Thank you for visiting. Do get in touch to discuss how we can help you and your organisation. 

Hilary Barnard 

Founder HBMC

“Hilary worked with the Black Health Agency supporting the organisation through major strategic change, moving it from a small community organisation into a strategic player within health and social care.”  Evelyn Asante-Mensah OBE, Commissioner at Equality and Human Rights Commission


"HBRL were a tonic for the William Morris Society. They conducted a thorough Organisational and Governance Review which the Society Executive have (largely) accepted. In doing so they challenged us to think about what we do, why and how effective we are and proposed credible solutions to some of the challenges we face. I think their work will be seen as a turning point in how the Society manages itself as we move forward." 

Martin Stott, Chair of Trustees, William Morris Society