Why Commission HBMC?

There are many good reasons.


HBMC’s consultancy practice is based on clear values, providing a reliable cost effective service for our clients. 25 years of consultancy work with complex issues and across sectors in the UK and internationally gives us – and potentially you - the edge in helping you find sustainable, economic and effective ways to achieve your goals.


We have an open and collegiate style of working to meet client needs and requirements.  We offer you the services of a highly experienced, well qualified and creative team with vision and drive.

We are focused on effective processes and outcomes tailored to your needs, through:

  • Insightful facilitation - distilling conclusions and action points from interviews, focus groups, surveys and consultations
  • Research, evaluation and investigative expertise
  • Project management in complex and ‘political’ environments
  • Concise, accessible reports and action plans with robust practical recommendations
  • Expert and objective advice based on up-to-date knowledge and trends, searching analysis of choices and a supportive and empathetic approach.

We aim, at all times, to be:

  • Responsive - able to make a speedy initial impact
  • Expert - credible, well qualified, with a wealth of skills and knowledge
  • Objective - free of internal politics with a business focused perspective
  • Accountable - enable the successful delivery of your assignment
  • Effective - with capacity to effect significant change and add value
  • Committed - with a professional approach to delivery that empowers you on exit
  • Offering a good return on investment - delivering solutions that give you real benefit. 
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Good values

Solution driven