HBMC offers the following services:

Strategic review – focused assessment of resources and capabilities, vision and mission, leadership and governance, public policy and competitive environment, brand, scope for innovation and distinctiveness; engagement of key stakeholders, including service users and customers; development of strategic options; planning and actions for delivering an inspired and grounded strategy with a shared narrative

Leadership and management development
 – structured interventions to review team performance and strengthen the practice of executive and middle managers; programmes of action learning, appreciative inquiry and modules to meet raised expectations, assure delivery and ensure staff engagement

Organisational development
 – design advice on staffing structure, processes, culture, systems and cross-organisation working to ensure economy and efficiency, meet needs in a changing landscape and to realise strategic goals and stakeholder expectations

Change programme
 – project manage implementation of change with leaders, staff and stakeholders to secure ownership, develop momentum, and facilitate culture change to realise the strategy 

Mergers and partnership development
 – expert advice on strategic choices in collaboration and merger, and project management of multiple operational tasks to secure best fit and timely delivery 

 – structured programmes of review and facilitation to help Boards assess their performance, build on talent, assure compliance, restructure and rethink, address membership needs and secure effective senior team support and embed good practice

 – evidence based assessment of past and current activities, outcomes and impact using quantitative techniques and qualitative methods, including interviews, focus groups and surveys; attention to effective measurement; delivering formative and summative evaluations

Organisational resourcing
 – advice on income generation, funding and fundraising strategies to ensure investment ready and enable visions/strategies and plans to be realised

Coaching and mentoring
 – with Chief Executives, Board members and senior managers for practical support, strategic thinking, sense making and to develop talent; team coaching is also provided. 

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“He [Hilary] is one of those rare people who open up new windows in your mind. I can't recommend him highly enough as a coach and strategic thinker.” 

Michael Osbourne, Senior Manager at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence