Hilary is co-author with Ruth Lesirge of:

Plan for the Future, ICSA, 2015

Leading turnarounds, ACEVO, 2013

Leading innovation, Caritas, 2013

Rightsizing Your Organisation, ACEVO, 2013

Making and Taking Efficiency Gains, ACEVO, 2013

Strategy for Boards, Caritas, 2013

Reinventing Your Organisation, Caritas, 2012

Measuring Up (Balanced Scorecard), Charity Finance, 2012

Measuring Board Effectiveness, Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, 2012

Building Better Charity Boards, Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, 2012

Gift or Burden: cost/benefit of leadership development, Caritas 2010 

Hilary was the lead author of Widening Access Through Nurse Leadership (Help The Hospices, 2012) and of Added Value, Changing Lives: a social capital study (Voluntary Action Westminster, 2006). He conducted the literature review for A Question of Balance: A Guide to the Chair and Chief Executive Relationship, Association of Chairs, 2015

Hilary's other publications include:

Work Experience in Hospices: A Scoping Study, Hospice UK, 2016

Evaluation of Talking Together Programme, TimeBank, 2015

Evaluation of Hospice UK Education & Training Project, Hospice UK, 2015

How to Create Consortia, Charity Finance, 2012 (co-author with John Gillespie)

Whose Localism?, Cass CCE, 2011

Improving Equality and Diversity - a guide for 3rd Sector CEOs, ACEVO 2011 (co-author with Shameem Malik and Sharmila Kar)

Big Society: Cuts & Consequences, Cass CCE 2010

Really Intelligent Commissioning, ACEVO 2009

Vertical integration: option for collaboration (VCS-Engage 2007)

Design for Health: a case study on the design of a mental illness unit and the issues of community consultation (Mind 2003)

Strategies for Success (co-author with Perry Walker; NCVO Publications 1994)