Governance either adds value to an organisation or is a burden.

Effective governance is the bedrock of strong organisational performance.  Boards have to demonstrate to stakeholders and funders that they are complying with legal and regulatory frameworks. But they can and should be asked to do far more. Our consultancy work fosters the capabilities of Boards to provide strategic and generative leadership alongside the essential exercise of their fiduciary duties.

Governance will be most productive when it is proportionate and geared to enhancing organisational performance. This requires the development of an effective ‘top team’ with the executive that is able to identify and balance risk and opportunity in more fluid changing times. Boards have to know when to trust their executive and senior staff. We help Board members to assess their performance individually and collectively, and to build effective working relationships between their members and with key managers and staff to move the organisation forward.

No Board member ever comes fully formed. Board members need to be developed to understand the organisation’s business model and values, to debate its direction and play a full part as team members.  We works with the talent and expertise that is already present in the Board and keeps a focus on succession planning.  We help Boards to induct, train and mentor their members, engaging their interest and motivation to help realise their potential contribution.


HBMC helps your organisation or business to assess whether you have:

  • a Board with an informed grasp on future strategy and direction
  • the right size of Board with the skills and experience around the table required now and for the future
  • the most effective relationships with stakeholders, members and funders
  • the robust governance systems that help to manage risk and enable timely responses to opportunity
  • effective oversight by the Board of subsidiaries and trading companies, Sub Committees and Task and Finish Groups
  • an extrovert Board that effectively engages stakeholders, bringing new opportunities and relationships.

 HBMC then assists you to devise changes and practical improvements, and to facilitate their adoption to deliver a consistently higher level of performance.  

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